Fun session

I had a really fun session on Saturday. This three year old had me in tears. He was so funny and his facial expressions cracked me up too. I loved that Momma had some great locations picked out for the session and she also brought a special quilt and some other items that we could use in the pics. I hope that more of my clients will bring something special to their sessions as it really adds a special touch to their portraits. I know there were some other things that were brought Mrs. W and we’ll use those next time. 🙂 I hope yall enjoyed it, because I had a blast!

2 thoughts on “Fun session”

  1. You are so talented to get great pics out of my wild child! You were so patient and awesome with the little ones:) I can’t wait to schedule another sesson.

  2. These pictures are great of my handsome nephews. You did a great job capturing their personalities.

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